Dancing in my room: 8 music videos for a quarantine workout

Cami Koons | Miranda Roberts

Listen, we’re not nutritionists or physical trainers. We do, however, know a lot about music and being ridiculous alone in our rooms. Below is a list of music videos guaranteed to get you up and moving. While we can’t speak for the physical results of this routine, the mental high from dancing to these power tunes, is unparalleled.

“Life During Wartime”–The Talking Heads 

This clip comes from the Talking Heads’ iconic, live performance, “Stop Making Sense” from 1984. Follow along with the back-up singers or with David Byrne himself. This track will have you up and down, running around your living room and wanting bassist Tina Weymouth’s epic jumpsuit. 

I also recommend pairing this with “Burning Down the House” and making up your own dance moves. 

“Cellophane”–FKA Twigs

I mean…we can’t be FKA Twigs, nor can we have that body. But, we can certainly get a good core workout from this sensual, emotional jam…you just might want to shut the door.

“Send Me a Vision”–Boy Harsher

This is one of many Boy Harsher videos fitting for this list. The video has a narrative in addition to its experimental dance takes. Get creative with this one, be weird; it’s what the band would want. 

“O.M.G. (I’m All Over It)”–Jenn Champion

With lyrics proclaiming, “we’re gonna dance all night,” this was an obvious choice. Grab a leotard and light hand weights (or don’t – we don’t care!) and join Jenn in this 80’s workout style video.


It might be impossible to listen to this song without moving to this beat. So get up and pretend you’re in the same neon basement club as Yaeji (bonus points for not constantly running into sweaty bodies)

“Thos Moser”–Gupi & Fraxiom

This video’s DIY feel is perfect for an at home workout. You don’t need any machines, just some beats, a microphone (wrench, hairbrush, anything will do), and commitment to moving your body for the entire song.

“still feel.”–half alive 

For a while, this song would get me out of bed in the morning. Its interpretive nature means you can turn it on and dance through your chores or morning routine and end with a smile…or maybe, just hit play again. 

“It’s nice to be alive”–Vegyn

Expert level dance here, but you’ve got extra time on your hands, why not learn it? We certainly spent hours in middle school learning Napoleon Dynamite’s moves to, “Canned Heat,” why not try something way cooler.