Scruffy & The Janitors: Anglo


Anglo is a short, sweet, and in your face EP from Scruffy & The Janitors, a garage rock trio from  up the road in St. Joesph, MO. They’ve been getting some attention from radio stations around the area and for good reason .They’re a pretty good blues rock band just getting their feet wet (this is their first EP not recorded in a living room). Overall it’s a pretty standard hard rock EP. They don’t try to reinvent the wheel with any other their songs but they don’t really need to. Each song is less than 4 minutes and all but one of them is longer than 3 minutes. The lead singer of the band was…

Love Inks: Exi


Exi is so simple and sweet, what’s not to love about Love Inks?

Bahamas: Bahamas is Afie


Perfect Fall Album

Allah-Las: Worship the Sun


Atmospheric and perfect for sunny days.

Death From Above 1979: The Physical World


Something punk that you can dance to as well

Anthony D’Amato: The Shipwreck From the Shore


A good listen for the fall.

The Rentals: Lost In Alphaville


This album feels right at home amongst the synth-heavy dream pop.

Karen O: Crush Songs


Listening to this album was like having a crush on these Crush Songs.

Tennis: Ritual In Repeat


One can not go wrong either by listening to the album in its entirety or just picking and choosing tracks to jam out to.

Black Taxi: Electroshock Death Grip


If LCD Soundsystem and Daft Punk had a love child, this would be the result.