Plow The Fields

photo by Katlyn Conroy

Katlyn Conroy Interview

Plow The Fields

Deco Auto promo pic

Deco Auto Interview

Pale Hearts

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Pale Hearts performed on Plow The Fields October 16th in anticipation for KJHK’s Extravagant Trash show October 19th.

Ebony Tusks in-studio

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Local rapper Ebony Tusks performed six songs on Plow The Fields October 9th. 

Oils on Plow The Fields

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Local trio Oils performed four songs on Plow The Fields October 2nd. 

The Empty Spaces

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Kansas city retro-punk band The Empty Spaces visted KJHK Spetember 4th and performed four songs.

Hospital Ships strike again


Local band gives KJHK another in-studio performance.

Hidden Pictures live


Live in-studios are always a thrill!