Farmers’ Ball winners

Psychic Heat

Psychic Heat won KJHK’s 20th annual Farmers’ Ball on Saturday, after being voted the crowd favorite from a set of four finalists that included local acts OILS, Paper Buffalo and Westerners.

Forrester Interview


What winning Farmer’s Ball did for them

Maps For Travelers Interview


Maps For Travelers came into the station September 19th and performed for Live @ KJHK. We had a short interview with them afterwords. Check it out below! The video of their performance is coming soon. See more at: KJHKLive from taylor umbrell

Jekyll/Hyde EP Review


Farmers ball runner up, Y(our) Fri(end) releases debut album.

Johnny Quest and Scenebooster Sound System DJ set

DJ poster

Local DJs Johnny Quest and Scenebooster Sound System perform a live DJ set on Flhostin Paradise.

CS Luxem

Local psychedelic artist CS Luxem performed four songs at KJHK February 17th.

The Travel Guide

Wichita band The Travel Guide performed four songs at KJHK February 5th. 

Jorge Arana Trio

The Kansas City jazz rock group Jorge Arana Trio visited KJHK January 28th and performed five songs. 

Tyler Gregory & The Bootleg Band

Tyler Gregory & The Bootleg Band performed three songs at KJHK December 11th.  

The Floozies interview


The Floozies called in to talk about their band and upcoming All Night Long tour that kicks off at the Bottleneck this Friday.