Deers: Barn


Deers, newly formed Spanish group, makes waves

Johnny Marr: Playland


Alex G.: DSU


There’s a lot of respect in the do it yourself ethos and Alex G. is very deserving of that respect.

Jessie Ware: Tough Love


Soulful and catchy.

The Equity and Social Justice Quartet: The Whisper of Flowers


This album will truly force you to reconsider the traditional motif of quartets.

Walter TV: Appetite


This album has character, an atmosphere, and Mac DeMarco

Foxygen: …And Star Power


An experience that should be shared.

Iceage: Plowing Into the Field of Love


Plowing is not just some of the best punk; it is very well one of the best albums of 2014.

Generationals: Alix


Alix finds the duo with another batch of these sheeny shiny electropop tunes.

Kimbra: The Golden Echo


New Zealand pop singer Kimbra will never rise above the multi-platinum success and Grammy Award for her feature on Gotye’s 2011 “Somebody That I Used To Know.” On her 2nd LP, The Golden Echo, she continues the same style of indie pop from what we’ve seen in her last album, bright pop synths and catchy hooks. Unfortunately, she never reaches the levels of anything as catchy or exciting as on  her feature. Some tracks aren’t as tasteful or groovy and end up as uninspired noise. The opener of this LP, “Teen Heat,” has an explosive and energetic synth chorus but aside from that most of this track falls flat. This leads into the next track, “90s…