The Lucas Parker Band

The Lucas Parker Band stopped into the station and performed three songs.

The Bullpen

Episode Two

Welcome to Night Vale in Lawrence!


Abe & Jake’s landing presents the cult hit podcast Sunday, March 16 at 7:00pm.

The Brandon Clasen Show


Interview with Adam Khalil

KJHK’s Top Albums of the Year


The top albums of the year according to KJHK!

CS Luxem

CS Luxem is a psychedelic rock artist based out of Lawrence KS. He along with several collaborators from the Lawrence, KS Whatever Forever record label, stopped into KJHK and performed four new songs. 

DJ Rashad-Double Cup (Hyperdub 2013)


Emphasizing melody & rhythm 

Fear (of) Change – 10/31


This special Halloween edition of Ad Astra Radio presents subjects of fear, change and the fear of change.

Better Know Your KJHK

The Helio Sequence @ CMJ 2013

The Station Manager learned how not to sleep for a week in NYC! Also Haim happened (!), and brace yourselves, Chance the Rapper is coming…

Charts and Adds – 10/22/2013


Haim continue their chart domination for a third week in a row